[PIAS] Nites 31st August Cancelled

[PIAS] Nites & Openluchttheater Rivierenhof are sad to announce that AGNES OBEL is unable to perform tomorrow night at the Openluchttheater Rivierenhof, Antwerp tomorrow due to illness and the event tomorrow is therefore cancelled. All tickets can be refunded at point of sale. Agnes is very sorry she can’t be at [PIAS] Nites tomorrow – she literally has no voice… – and hopes to see you at her Cirque Royal concert in Brussels on November, 1st. We are very aware that people wanted to see Agnes specifically so we are not seeking to replace her by another artist at the last minute. (We‘ve been telling you she’s unique all along…)
We also hope you can see the beautiful Float Fall and Melanie De Biasio very soon at one of their next shows. Just like Agnes, they are very special artists to us and we’d love you to discover them.

*-Tickets purchased through www.openluchttheater.be / Arenberg / Prospekta: please send your name, address, phonenumber, bankdetails & reservationnumber to ticket@arenberg.provant.be , subject ‘refund [PIAS]Nites’
-Tickets purchased through Fnac: please get in touch with Fnac on 0900 00600